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International Customs and Duties Policies

1. Buyer’s Responsibility: All international taxes, tariffs, and value-added tax (VAT) associated with your purchase are the responsibility of the buyer. These charges are not incorporated into the total price of the product or its shipping and handling costs. It’s crucial that buyers familiarize themselves with these potential costs before finalizing any purchase.

2. Local Customs Office Consultation: Before making a purchase, we strongly advise you to consult your local customs office. This will provide you with an understanding of the potential additional costs imposed by your country based on the product and its origin.

3. Determination Factors: The duty, customs tariffs, and VAT rates are set by the destination country. These fees are influenced by several factors, including but not limited to:
– The country of origin or manufacturing of the purchased merchandise.
– The specific classification or category of the merchandise under international trade standards.

4. Variability of Duties and Taxes: Understand that the amount of duty, customs tariffs, taxes, and VAT can significantly vary from one country to another. The exact amount is determined once the merchandise reaches the destination country and undergoes a customs assessment.

5. Collection of Charges: Typically, the delivery or courier company handling the transportation of your purchase will collect these charges. This might occur upon delivery or when you personally retrieve the item. Please note that these charges are separate from the payment made to us for your product and its shipment.

6. Legal Compliance: Our policies are in accordance with the laws and regulations set by the U.S., EU, and international trade agreements. As a buyer, it’s paramount to ensure that you too comply with the customs regulations of your country when making international purchases.